Resume of Simon Holywell

As an experienced Development Director and lead developer I ensure the success of projects and teams, implement code and systems to a high standard and build teams with increased retention.

I have completed projects for many entities across various sectors including JP Morgan, Nickelodeon, VW, Teac, Virgin Holidays, Seat, NHS, British Heart Foundation, Silverstone, Close Brothers and more. Oh and Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures too!

Being a skilled lead I am equally at home writing code, specifications or working through tough management issues. The most rewarding aspect of my job is being able to mentor and ensure the success of developers closely followed by well received projects.

During my spare time I work on a number of projects including writing a book, magazine articles, the SQL style guide and articles for my syndicated blog. In addition I wrote a number of language extensions to facilitate ssdeep bindings in MySQL, PHP and HHVM. I have also released a number of open source projects including Navigator, at Queue Library and I maintain both the popular PHP libraries Idiorm and Paris.

In ‘06 I became a Zend Certified Engineer and in the intervening time I have completed a number of online courses and personal study focused on functional programming in Scala and Haskell.

If my curriculum vitae is of interest to you then let’s organise a time to chat:


Everything from producing a large scale NHS web application through to installing a new toilet roll holder! I am adaptable and a fast learner, but at the moment my work day to day is mostly producing solutions with PHP.


Senior Software Engineer

Aurion · Brisbane, Australia

Bringing a legacy desktop application to the web using Node.js whilst transitioning to a fully fledged SAAS product. This included improving test coverage through the code, introducing promises and functional concepts. Suggesting improvements to development practices across the board including the introduction of guidelines for code, commit messages and pull requests.

Added developer documentation to the project detailing build steps, configuration options and design decisions to make it easier for new developers to pick up. Made the change from npm to yarn to ensure deterministic builds and limit CI false positives.

Ensured that my code, tests and commits passed external security and quality auditing. I was a key member of the winning team for an internally run web security/pentration day.

Lead Developer - contract

Temando · Brisbane, Australia

Working on a publicly available REST API, client integrations and improving various legacy systems and applications through spec, unit and behavioural testing backed refactoring. Prepared and oversaw extreme programming and internal training opportunities for development staff. Setup continuous integration to encourage standards led development. Mentoring developers on the team, reviewing code and features produced.

Technical Director

Mosaic Digital · Brighton, UK

Leading the technical direction of the agency, ensuring excellence in development and heading up the nine developer strong team. Producing documentation, specifications and ultimately coding technical solutions to business problems and rules.

Increased production quality through style and standards guidelines ensured with continuous integration and automated analysis. Decreased repetition with project setup and administration software backed by bash and Ansible. Introduced new work practices and platforms to maximise agency throughput with minimal friction.

Produced employee handbook documentation and guidelines to increase transparency and efficiency. Encouraged continued employee learning and motivation via a book club, development knowledge sharing, training and community event participation.

Additionally responsible for recruitment, training and ongoing support of all development staff. This includes production of job listings, managing the interview process and reviews of employee performance and satisfaction.

Some projects I have been working on include NHS (Sussex Partnership), Purple Parking, Center Parcs, National Numeracy, Mind, Close Brothers and Winterflood.

Lead Developer

Mosaic Digital · Brighton, UK

I lead a multidisciplinary team of seven developers working on systems written in PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS based upon a variety of database backends including MySQL and Redis.

During my tenure I have instigated and implemented numerous systems and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of production. This includes unit testing, continuous integration, development & staging server setup, developer training, the use of SCM including git, code review procedures, etc.

My responsibilities included managing the team, recruitment, server and office system setup and administration, devops, planning, quoting and specifications. I was responsible for all technical output, testing and project launches.

We worked on varied projects (building bespoke applications, sites, ecommerce and extranets, server management) for the private sector, local government and large charity & not for profit organisations. A sample of some of the clients include Center Parcs, Relate, British Heart Foundation, Truprint, Silverstone, London Business School, Close Brothers and many more.


Holywell Design · Auckland, New Zealand

Working holiday in New Zealand. I picked up work from other respected PHP developers in the country.

Senior PHP Developer

WickedWeb · Sevenoaks, UK

Completing many web projects for various industries in the United Kingdom. Creating sites using PHP, MySQL, CSS, (X)HTML, Javascript, Ajax, XML, Python, ASP and Perl.

As an example of the clients I have been working with VW, Seat, Thorpe Park, NSPCC, National Schools Partnership, James Millard Estate Agents, Celsur Plastics and many more.

Senior Developer

Underwired · London, UK

Using PHP and Ruby on Rails I created and maintained websites at this agency and in addition marketing emails. During my time here I was also involved with network maintenance, server setup and the training of junior staff. My role was also client facing and I attended many meetings representing the technical aspects of the project.

I was involved with some big name clients such as JP Morgan, Nickelodeon and Virgin Holidays.

Contract PHP Developer

Jellyfish Online Marketing · Reigate, UK

Won contract to complete PHP programming of the company intranet and clean up the code behind the online marketing reporting tools. The main client I worked with was the Haymarket publishing group.

PHP Web Developer and Quality Assurance Officer

Go4 Multimedia · Melbourne, Australia

Producing custom websites and functionality for successful e-commerce and business projects based in Australia using PHP and other languages. Introduced new testing procedures that eliminated errors in the rollout process.

Some examples of clients I worked with include Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures, Teac Australia, Melbourne Osaka Cup, Salton, AIMEX, Sandringham Yacht Club, Aus Golf, St. Kilda Boat Sales and many more.


Holywell Design · Melbourne, Australia

Completed contracts working with PHP for a medical debt company, an online shop for a GPS navigation company and many more.






During the rest of my spare time I love to be with my wife & kids, ride bikes, motorcycles and the odd DIY project (recently completed my first valve amplifier). Otherwise you might find me with my head in a book or writing about something of interest such as industry trends, history, computer science or wildlife.


Simon has been instrumental in defining a new technology infrastructure within Mosaic both from a technology perspective and implementation of new processes. He is a pleasure to work with as a colleague and I would recommend his skills and talents to any organisation looking for a new lead.

I would highly recommend Simon and thoroughly enjoyed our time working together

At Mosaic I know him to make logical, business-minded decisions under tricky circumstances involving a large legacy codebase. He’s a driven yet pragmatic developer who carefully balances the reality of a situation with technical ambition.

Whilst working with Simon he translated project requirements into well-considered technical solutions, mentored others and pragmatically encouraged their use of new technologies which gave real value back to the business.

As my manager, Simon not only taught me a great deal of technical skills, he also made sure my opinions and ideas were listened to making me feel valued and creating a pleasant and cooperative work environment at Mosaic. He’s incredibly calm and has an excellent ability for keeping everything under control even in times of high pressure. As a developer, he is the most technically gifted I know of, with the ability to use multiple languages whilst adhering to industry accepted best practices.

Simon and I were involved in the maintenance of the hosting and infrastructure requirements for London Business School microsites. Through fast and effective communication we ere able to swiftly turn around solutions for the marketing department. Simon was able to work well on the servers to debug system and application related issues when they arose. It was a pleasure to work with Simon at Mosaic.

I completed a number of projects with the team at Mosaic working both remotely and on site. Working with Simon I found him to be an extremely competent and efficient developer and proactive team lead. He was always knowledgeable and able to effectively communicate the requirements of each project to the team as well as being open and available to work through issues or ideas in order to bring each project to realisation.